Diatec Monoclonals AS will be a leading contract manufactruing organsiation to the industrial market for clinical trial application.

We will achieve this through excellence in service standards, technical support and product quality supported by a competetive pricing policy.

We will build on our GMP capabilities to improve our overall quality standards.

We aim to be FDA approved for commercial production of therapeutic antibodies


In November 2012 we moved into our new facility at Oslo Research Park. The Facility was designed by ourselves in collaboration with technical experts to give us an effective and flexible production unit and analytical laboratory. In January 2019, we will move our ISO production facility to Catapult Life Science at Fornebu. At the same time we will upgrade the GMP production unit in our current facilities at Oslo Science Park. This will increase our capacity at both production sites.

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The ISO production facilitiy is moved to Catapult Life Science at Fornebu. The GMP facility at Oslo Science Park will be upgraded

Funding from The Norwegian Research Council to study “Development of new production technologies for biopharmaceuticals”

Manufacturing Certificate of GMP Compliance for production of API is achieved

Second commission for the same A.P.I. for Phase I and II trials

Diatec moves into new facilities with state of the art laboratories and clean rooms in Oslo Science Park

First commission to produce an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (A.P.I.) for a new cancer drug

Diatec Monoclonals focuses on soley being a monoclonal antibody service business

Diatec achieves ISO 9001 certification, later upgraded to 9001:2015

Diatec moves into Oslo Science Park

Development of own diagnostic kits and increased range of monoclonal antibodies

Diatec is founded as a distribution company for clinical diagnostic products