Antibodies – From Research Tools to Therapies

By: Mira Halvorsen Børstad | 13. mar. 2019 | News, Diatec stories
A collage of people at the seminar, the presentation and logos of the hosts.

Today, Diatec Monoclonals hosted a seminar on antibodies together with NABAS, The Life Science Cluster and Sharelab. There was an overwhelming interest for the event and all seats were taken. No wonder, if you have a look at the excellent program and all the great speakers . Several giants within the field of immunology and development of immunoassays participated, as well as up and coming academic stars representing the future.

Image of the seminar program.
Bjørn Pedersen speaking next to a presentation screen, and an image of people attending the seminar.

Bjørn Pedersen, talked about the history of Diatec and our current position as a contract manufacturer of antibodies. More importantly, he shared how the research project: Development of new production technologies for biopharmaceuticals, is already a success. The project is a collaboration between 10 companies and institutes, partly funded by the Norwegian Research Council. During the first year the project has resulted in contracts worth more than 50 mill NOK and created many new jobs.

We hope that the great achievements of the speakers today will inspire young researcher to develop new assays, therapies and use of antibodies in the future. Together, we can build this already growing industry in Norway.