Can bacteria be used to fight obestity?

By: Mira Halvorsen Børstad | 13. mai 2021 | Diatec stories, News

In a recent publication in Nature Communications, Tor E . Lea and his colleagues has looked at the effect of a particular bacterium, McB (Methylococcus capsulatus Bath), on gut immune system and the regulation of obesity. The Mcb is not a part of our gut microbiota, but the researchers found that when fed to obese mice, both inflammation and weight was reduced within short time. The researchers believe that a special group of regulatory T cells are involved in the process and helps to avoid obesity, inflammation and even diabetes. More information about this study can be found at

Profile picture of Tor Lea
Tor E. Lea

Tor E. Lea is one of the founders of Diatec Monoclonals AS back in 1988 and he has served on our scientific board since then. He has established a large number of murine hybridoma cell lines over the years. Diatec is providing monoclonal antibodies from the following clones made by Tor E. Lea:

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