Respiratory failure in Covid-19 patients, anti-C5b-9 and the complement system.

By: Mira Halvorsen Børstad | 29. apr. 2021 | News

Antibodies plays an important role in our immune system and they are instrumental in fighting pathogens. One of many functions of antibodies is to activate the Complement System, which helps to remove intruders or infected cells. Due to their nature, it is no surprise that antibodies are used extensively in research on human disease.

Diatec Monoclonals offers a wide range of antibodies against markers for infection and disease. One of these, anti-human C5b-9 (aE11), has recently been used in research on Covid-19, and specifically the role of the complement system.

Professor Tom E. Mollnes and his group looked at complement activation in hospitalized Covid-19 patients and the systems’ role in development of respiratory failure.

Anti-C5b-9 was used to measure the amount of terminal complement complex (TCC).  The scientists were able to show that respiratory failure is associated with complement activation. The work is published in PNAS, and the research was a collaboration between several universities, hospitals and research institutes in Norway.

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