Diatec Monoclonals at SPARK Norway educational forum

By: Mira Halvorsen Børstad | 12. nov. 2019 | Diatec stories, News
Bjørn Pedersen presents at Spark

UiO:Life Science and the SPARK Norway partners organize monthly open meetings.

On November 6th, Bjørn Pedersen, Managing Director of Diatec Monoclonals, was together with Catapult Life Science, invited to speak on the topic “Early phase production”.

Key talking points were: Procedures that work in the lab don’t always scale-up seamlessly into production in the life science industry. Process development while staying compliant will be required. What should be considered when you work in lab-scale to make the transition to production smoother? What are the common pitfalls, and what are the dos and don’ts?

Bjørn emphasized the importance of Quality Management.

About Diatec
Diatec Monoclonals is a premiere European provider of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) for biopharmaceuticals, human and veterinary diagnostics, and food analysis.

For more information on our products and services, please see https://diatec.no/products/

About SPARK Norway
SPARK Norway – a two-year innovation program

UiO:Life Science’s innovation program for health-related topics in the life science domain. Mentoring, milestone-based funding and education to further develop your ideas. Uptake through annual open calls. 

SPARK Norway is led by UiO:Life Science and supported by UiO’s top management, Inven2 and OUS. Representatives from the clusters Oslo Cancer Cluster, The Life Science Cluster, Nansen Neuroscience Network, Norwegian Inflammation Network and Norway Health Tech as well as the Association of Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI), ShareLab and The Norwegian Medicines Agency are members of the SPARK Norway management team.

For more information on SPARK Norway, please see their websites.